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More about Alik Assatrian, artist and film maker in The Hague, The NetherlandsAlik Assatrian

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One of my passions is film making. Films provide me with the opportunity to tell stories, of which I have enough. I have made quite a few films in the last years, for which I wrote the scenario and did the camera work, direction and production. Some of my films have made it to the European film festivals.

Alik Assatrian while filming “Anders is Leuk” (2008)


  • Kalina - Malina” | 2010 | (dolby digital 2.0, 66 min.)
    This film is about perseverance, and that if you really want something, you will get it.
  • Anders is leuk” | 2008 | (dolby digital 2.0, 90 min.)
    This film is about the beauty of art and the absurdities in this world.
  • Dansen in de regen” (“Dancing in the rain”) | 2005 | (digital video, 75 min.)
    This film was made for the Reakt foundation. Its theme is rehabilitation.
  • De Bruiloft” (“The wedding”) | 2002 | (digital video, 25 min.)
    This film is about the last hallucination of a homeless man who is dying in the street.
  • Orsia” | 1993 | (color, 35 mm, 20 min.)
    This film was shown at several film festivals. The central theme of the film is: don’t kill, every killer kills himself.
  • Oleo” | 1993 | (color, 35 mm, 10 min.)
    The theme of this film is the opposite of war and pain: the beauty of art, music and love.
  • Avlos” | 1992 | (black-and-white, 35 mm, 10 min.)
    This film is about the illusions that people chase to give meaning to their lives.
  • Avetik” | 1991
    Artdirector of, and leading actor in this German film production.
  • 1990 | Artdirector of several Armenian movies.

Video fragment of the film Anders is Leuk

Here you can watch a video of the scene ‘De Verfoorlog’ (‘The Paint War’) from the movie Anders is Leuk (2008):